Huma Qureshi, Saqib Saleem told to go to Pakistan for speaking over Kashmir issue

Bollywood role player Huma Qureshi recently long-facedtons of backlash once speaking up against the atrocities being administrated in Occupied Cashmere. The role player voiced her opinion on the withdrawal of ‘Article 370’ by the Indian Government oncethat she was told to “go to Pakistan”, at the side of her brother Saqib Saleem United Nations agency came go in her support.

The role player took to her Twitter account to voice her support for the Kashmiris thatangry the Indian extremists United Nations agency started threatening her.

Qureshi tweeted that individualsdidn’tgrasp what was reallyoccurring in Cashmereand therefore the hardships being long-faced by Kashmiris, thus, the oblivious public ought to refrain from commenting on the difficultyand check outto know what was reallyoccurring.
“Every1 with opinions on #Kashmir.I humbly say this-you haven’t anyplan of the life,bloodshed & loss of Kashmiris(Pandits&Muslims)

Pls refrain from unaccountablestatement.There arfolks – ladies,children,old&sick folksplace urself in their shoes at this terribly moment & be sensitive,” she tweeted.
The tweet angry Indian extremists as they criticized Huma by career her a propagandist and telling her to travel to Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

One person went as so much as language that it had beenfolks like her United Nations agencytrash the country.

Amidst all the hateful tweets being hurled at Huma, her brother came to her support as he more responsible his sister’s critics language, “I am a proud Indian United Nations agency loves his country. however if I wantsomethings amiss i’llraisequeries. If you boughtdownside|a drag|a haul|a retardant|a tangle} therewith then i’mafraid its your problem to require care of. a number ofyou’re hell intent oncausingMaine to Islamic Republic of Pakistan .Pls don’t be concerned abt Mainei’m fine whereveri’m.”

While responding to a user language nothing wrong was happening in Cashmere, Saqib, in an exceedinglygrimtweet aforementioned, “Everything was ok – simply a communication blackout, curfew internmentbelowconfinementsurely political figures associated an unsure future for the folks – nothing major.”

Saqib conjointly tweeted language that such hate didn’t bring any smartwhichfolksought tokick off of the Hindu-Muslim rift.

The actor conjointly went on to give thankspeople who supported him within the Twitter war and conjointly sent like to the haters.

Huma and Saqib hail from Occupied Jammu and Kashmir|geographic area|geographical region|geographic region} and haven’t been able to contact their members of the familywithin the area. They spoke up regardingthe difficultyonce stars like Defense Intelligence Agency Mirza and Zaira Wasim stony-broke their silence on the actions of the Indian government.

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